Tanzania has many cultural experiences from which to choose, but by far the most exciting way to hear about everyday life in Tanzania is to visit one of the many villages close to your safari destination.

Village tours often take place during the day when many of the local villagers are busy with their daily chores, whether it be running their small shops selling odds and ends, or working on a nearby farm to produce some of the many fresh fruits and vegetables.

These tours are very educational, and perfect for those wishing to know more about Tanzanians.

We can take you to visit remote communities, unaffected by tourists. Learn about the lives of the Tanzanian people, sample their food and listen to their traditional stories. This is one way you will see the 'Real Africa' and have an authentic experience to add to your Tanzania safari.

Tanzania is home to 120 different tribes, each with their own language. The Sukuma, Haya, Chagga, Nyamwezi, Hehe, Gogo and Makonde are the most significant in terms of population, although the Maasai are the most famous, springing immediately to the mind of most visitors to Tanzania.

Tanzania woman


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